A range of authentic, Mediterranean specialities

Pure flavours and freshness always take centre stage in Beliès' product range. Whether you're tempted by our classic olives, surprising dips or innovative antipasti: you can taste our passion for Mediterranean freshness in every bite.
Beliès olives


Beliès' story all started with the Greek olive. Fifteen years later, this symbol of Mediterranean cuisine still forms the basis of our product range, which has since been expanded with olives from the rest of the Mediterranean. Beliès' olives stand out thanks to their purity and authenticity. Their natural taste comes from their low, uniform salt content, and traditional production methods. As such, no colourings, flavourings or aromas are added, and the olives are not heated. The southern sun does all the work!



When we create new dips, authentic Mediterranean recipes are always the starting point. We blend only the finest quality ingredients to create our healthy and delicious dips. Whether as an aperitif, on bread or in hot and cold dishes: Beliès' dips are always a hit with their pleasant texture and balanced seasoning. What's more, our dips are eye-catching thanks to their vibrant colours.  



Our range of antipasti is also all about purity and taste. In addition to the trusted classics, we offer a wide range of innovative bites, in line with the latest food trends. Beliès' antipasti are popular with consumers as a snack or on a generously-filled tapas dish. They are ready-to-eat, but also delicious in Mediterranean dishes.

Something for every taste. Interested in ours? Contact us!

Interested in our Mediterranean specialities? Don't hesitate to contact us.  We would be delighted to tell you all about our range of Mediterranean delicacies.