How do our dips get their unique taste?
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We always base our products on traditional recipes that have been a part of the Mediterranean cuisine for generations. In addition, we are continually looking for new preparations with surprising toppings. At Beliès, we only use natural, fresh ingredients in our recipes. This gives our fresh dips their pleasant texture and balanced flavours.
Houmous Original

Houmous range

Houmous is a popular recipe from the Middle East, and has become a veritable trend in Europe. This nutritious, vegetarian dip is low in saturated fat and is delicious on bread or in various preparations. Beliès offers different variations on the traditional recipe: from houmous with fresh basil to houmous with curry.
Classic dips

Classic dips

Classic dips, such as guacamole, aioli, sour cream and salsa, are also very popular with consumers. At Beliès, we do our utmost to meet our customers' taste expectations. Our recipes always have a clear list of ingredients, with high-quality products with transparent origins. The dips are popular with an aperitif, or as an accompaniment to Mexican dishes.


When we put together our tapenades, we only use the finest quality fresh, natural ingredients. This allows us to create a delicious texture and authentic taste, both for our classics, such as the tapenade with green olives, and our pioneering recipes, such as our citrus tapenade.


Our pestos, with their base of oil, cheese, pine nuts and tasty spices, are made according to a traditional Italian recipe. They owe their deep red or green colour to the fresh basil or tomatoes that we use. Thanks to their creamy texture, they are easy to spread on bread, and are popular as a culinary ingredient.
Veggie dips

Veggie dips

Consumers are attaching increasing importance to a healthy lifestyle with the right amount of vegetables. That's why we blend beetroot, carrot, parsnip, butternut or cucumber into tasty dips with a creamy texture. Our veggie dips are heat-stable and can therefore also be used as an ingredient in cooking. In addition, they are delicious as an aperitif or on bread.
Organic dips

Organic dips

Our organic dips only contain organically-sourced fresh ingredients. These products carry the EU Organic Label, and are produced with respect for people, animals and the environment. Not only do these ecological dips offer an organic guarantee, but also the trusted Beliès taste and quality.
Houmous Curry

Curry Houmous


This oriental version of houmous is a spicy twist to the traditional houmous. Curry powder gives this dip a wonderful yellow colour. Delicious to dip with raw vegetables, crisps or breadsticks! 

Sweet houmous

Sweet Houmous Concept


Houmous, the healthy dip from the Middle East, is more popular than ever. Using pure recipes and authentic ingredients, we created four tasty, sweet hummus varieties: chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla and ‘speculoos’. Our unique houmous varieties are surprisingly nutritious and delicious in combination with fruit, as well as a healthy alternative to traditional sweet sandwich fillings. They can also serve as an ingredient in countless desserts. 

Nacho dip

Nacho dip concept


Fresh and trendy
Why not embrace the Mexican food trend by putting a tasty, fresh Mexican dip on the table? No effort required! That’s our nacho dip concept for you. 
Fresh guacamole and salsa dips are hard to find. Consumers want fresh quality products with a transparent origin and a comprehensive list of ingredients to boot. Which is exactly where our nacho dip concept comes in. Ready-made and containing three fresh recipes in one compact package, this trio of fresh nacho dips is ideal for appetizers and gives any Mexican meal a tasty boost.

Croque grill it

Croque Grill it

Culinary inspiration
Surprise your guests with a festive croque! Garnish a few slices of multigrain bread with spicy houmous and our colourful bell pepper tapenade. Crumble some feta over the top for some extra pizazz!

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